beautifuldayblackthumb.jpgHopefully you will have many beautiful days in the future to use this printable!  This simple quote comes in three colors Рblack, blue, and pink

black JPEG / black PNG

blue JPEG / blue PNG

pink JPEG / pink PNG

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  1. Barbara on May 7, 2008 9:43 pm


    I just love what you offer. It is so nice to have someone so generous with what they create. I like the varied colors of the same message. I also like the diverse kinds of things you offer, from Bible Verses to frames and tags, to Letters, and last but not least titles and quotes. These are all things that I can use as I work on various kinds of projects. I also really like that I was able to sign up for items to be delivered to my mailbox so I can print them off. The only suggestion I would make is I wonder if you could include one item from each area in your e-mail deliveries. Example, one Bible verse, one clip art, one frame or tag, etc. If that is not possible that is OK, but that is something I would wish for. However, you are so generous if I just go to your site, I really don’t have big suggestions.



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