Here’s a springy paper and tag set in blue and brown. Click the images to open the files.

It’s finally Spring! The trees are budding and inspiring me to create some leafy papers for you to print. I have two colors in two different sizes for you: 8×8 and 6×6 that can be printed four times and arranged on a 12×12 sheet.

8×8 in red and blue, and 6×6 in red and blue

(if you print the 8×8 paper, be sure to set the margins on your printer as low as they will go.)

There is fun in every season to capture on a scrapbook page.  Today’s printable title set has the letters for each season in seasonal colors.  Click here to open PDF (this one is rather large, 407k, so it will take minute to open).  I like these letters – I think I’ll do a complete letter set soon.

Something new!  Today I have a set of papers and frames with an abstract flowery theme.  The papers are in 4×4 color blocks- 4 different colors – and the frames are set up so you can cut them to any size you like, or use them as journaling blocks.  You will certainly have your own ideas about how to use this set, but my idea was to print out all four color blocks and mount to a plain 12×12 sheet to make the page (turning the blocks in different directions should yield an interesting pattern), and then layer over top with the frames.

4×4 blocks in blue | mauve | green | gold

frames in blue & gold

Do you like this kind of thing?  I’m getting some decent traffic these days, but not much feedback yet.  Time to de-lurk and tell me what you like, don’t like, would like to see more of, etc.  Let me know, and I’ll try to make it for you!


A set of Leafy frames  for your your4x6 photos.

These pretty frames will fit hold your 4×6 photos.

This set of two frames is for 4×6 photos.

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