Taking a cue from the sermon at church this past Sunday, I was inspired to create this “Count Your Blessings” printable.  In these hard economic times it is so easy to count our troubles, instead of our blessings.  This printable would be cute on a scrapbooking page with pictures of things you are thankful for, or even a special journal entry about the blessings in your life.  I hope you have fun counting your blessings!

blue PDF / black PDF

blue PNG / black PNG

beautifuldayblackthumb.jpgHopefully you will have many beautiful days in the future to use this printable!  This simple quote comes in three colors – black, blue, and pink

black JPEG / black PNG

blue JPEG / blue PNG

pink JPEG / pink PNG

This frame matches the letter set from the last post.   Click here to open the PDF.  I realized after I made all those frames with the centers cut out of them that really the most useful thing to do is NOT to cut out a place for the picture and let you do that if you choose, or you could easily just mount the picture on top.  Also, it makes it possible to use the frames as journaling blocks.

Todays e-cut is a blue and black letter set. There are three PDF files, depending on what you need:

lower case | upper case | numbers

Something new!  Today I have a set of papers and frames with an abstract flowery theme.  The papers are in 4×4 color blocks- 4 different colors – and the frames are set up so you can cut them to any size you like, or use them as journaling blocks.  You will certainly have your own ideas about how to use this set, but my idea was to print out all four color blocks and mount to a plain 12×12 sheet to make the page (turning the blocks in different directions should yield an interesting pattern), and then layer over top with the frames.

4×4 blocks in blue | mauve | green | gold

frames in blue & gold

Do you like this kind of thing?  I’m getting some decent traffic these days, but not much feedback yet.  Time to de-lurk and tell me what you like, don’t like, would like to see more of, etc.  Let me know, and I’ll try to make it for you!

Today we have two fancy blue frames, with different sized borders. Click here to open PDF.

I hope you will find these tags useful – this PDF has a variety of colors and sizes, some with flowers, stars, etc.

I sat down to make some tags tonight to put on this site, and I was looking around at what some others on the web have done, and I ran across this site with some super cute tags I thought you would enjoy. Check them out here. I’ll still make some tags of course- check back tomorrow.

By the way, have you visited the Scrapbook Store? I get a small percentage of the sale of items you order through this site, so check it out! Your support is appreciated!

These pretty frames will fit hold your 4×6 photos.

This set of two frames is for 4×6 photos.

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