I have a new letterset for you today. It’s a giant, elegant silver metallic set with black swirls. Also include is some punctuation and numbers. It’s saved into one zip file (25MB) as 300DPI PNG format.

Click here to download the entire silver swirly set

Here’s a new letter set for you! This one is purple with a “stitch” and a bevel to give them some dimension. This time I’ve saved the letters as a PDF and as PNG files so you have multiple options for using them.

PDF Files: Letters A-T | Letters U-Z, punctuation and extra vowels

PNG Files: Letters A-T | Letters U-Z, punctuation and extra vowels

Stay tuned for a similar set in pale green in the next couple of days!

red letter Here’s a new letter set! This pretty red set should work with your 1.5″ punch.

Letters A-T | Letter U-Z, Numbers, etc.

Today I have a new letter set e-cut for you!  The letters are blue, all caps, with a thatch pattern in a nice blocky serif font.  They are on two pages:  Page 1 is A-T and Page 2 is U-Z, numbers and punctuation.

Here’s the next in my series of monogram letters. E! Click on the images to download. Happy Easter!

This new letter set features the uppercase alphabet inside squares.  It’s available in black, green and multi-colored jewel-tones.  Hope you like them!

Todays e-cut is a blue and black letter set. There are three PDF files, depending on what you need:

lower case | upper case | numbers

Continuing with my series of monogram letters for your pages, today’s letter is D. Click on the images to open the larger file.


Two more monogram letters to decorate your pages with.  Click on the image below to open the large version.

This circle letter set has a denim look to it.  There are two JPGs to print out – the second one has some extra vowels.  Hope you enjoy it!

Denim letters 1 | Denim letters 2

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