beautifuldayblackthumb.jpgHopefully you will have many beautiful days in the future to use this printable!  This simple quote comes in three colors – black, blue, and pink

black JPEG / black PNG

blue JPEG / blue PNG

pink JPEG / pink PNG

springpinkthumb.jpgHere is a great graphic for your spring pages this year, available in three different colors.

black JPEG / black PNG

green JPEG / green PNG

pink JPEG / pink PNG

funsunthumb.jpgI don’t know about you, but the weather in my part of the world lately has been absolutely crazy.  Rainy one day and beautifully sunny the next.  I think it’s important to remember that even though the weather may be fickle, we can still have heaps of fun enjoying the outdoors.  

Here are a couple of weather related printables – one says “Fun in the Sun” with a smiley sunshine graphic,  and the other says “Rainy Day Fun” and has a cheery blue umbrella.  

This printable is available in one PDF file (you can print both on the same page and cut them out), and two separate PNG files – one for each graphic. 

PDF / PNG 1 (rain) / PNG 2 (sun)

snowflakethumb.jpgAfter the big snow storm this past weekend in most of the northeast, I know that many of you out there have snow photos. Here is some snowflake paper – available in 8×10 and 12×12 sizes.  Also, if you don’t want to use this as paper, you could just cut out the snowflakes and use them on the side of your page.

8×10 PDF8×10 PNG

12×12 PDF / 12×12 PNG

Also, you might want to check out the “Let it Snow” set from last year if you haven’t seen it yet.

bible verseI have this verse on a page with pictures of my son laughing – it’s perfect! The verse is available 4 ways:

hires PNG file- black | hires PNG file-blue

JPG file- black | JPG file- blue

zoo Today I have more zoo stuff!  The PDF file includes a border with lots of different zoo animals and a title for your zoo pages.  These have put me in the mood to get back to the zoo again!  Click here or the image to open the printable page.

Have you been to the zoo yet this year?  Here are two 8×8 papers to use as you scrapbook those “wild” shots.  The first paper says “A Wild Time at the Zoo” and has several animals, and the second paper has another set of animals.  More zoo items to come in the next several days!

This frame and tag set with pretty snowflakes  goes with the “Let it Snow” set from yesterday.

Click here to open PDF. 

For those snowy pages, here is a page with several appropriate “flaky” items to print.

Click here to open PDF.

Today’s printable contains several happy one-word embellishments: giggle, laughter, play, sweet, and joyful.   Click here to open the PDF.

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