Georgia Here are some more state titles!  Joyce requested Kentucky and Georgia, and I’ve included Illinois as well.

Click here for the hi res PNG file.

Click here for the PDF.

state titlesI received a suggestion that I create some state titles, and I thought it was a great idea. I started with the most populous states and will move down the list, with 4 at a time. If you have a particular use for one of these though, and live somewhere like Vermont, just leave me a comment here and I’ll do whichever state you need in the next batch! This set includes Texas, New York, California and Florida.

There are two versions – PDF file for direct printing, and a PNG file for digital scrapbooking use.

Here’s a set of titles for your seasonal pages. This would be cute as a series, with a picture of your child(ren) in each successive season, showing how they’ve grown through the year!

Click here to open the PDF.

These buttons would go great with the Happy Home recipe!

Click here to open the e-cut file.

Here’s a title block for your wintry pictures from this year.  Available in medium or large.

Continuing with my series of monogram letters for your pages, today’s letter is D. Click on the images to open the larger file.

Several days ago, I offered some swirly tags in three different colors.  Here are some similar tags with white backgrounds.

Blue | Orange | Green

This frame and tag set with pretty snowflakes  goes with the “Let it Snow” set from yesterday.

Click here to open PDF. 


Two more monogram letters to decorate your pages with.  Click on the image below to open the large version.

This is the beginning of a series of large monogram letters in feminine and masculine styles. Click on the letter above to open the larger version and print. Enjoy these – and come back for more!


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