cute as a bugHere’s a cute little title for those pictures of the little ones that are super cute.  Click here or on the image to open the e-cut.

zoo Today I have more zoo stuff!  The PDF file includes a border with lots of different zoo animals and a title for your zoo pages.  These have put me in the mood to get back to the zoo again!  Click here or the image to open the printable page.

Have you been to the zoo yet this year?  Here are two 8×8 papers to use as you scrapbook those “wild” shots.  The first paper says “A Wild Time at the Zoo” and has several animals, and the second paper has another set of animals.  More zoo items to come in the next several days!

cultivate garden within

Here’s a sweet little girl watering her flowers with the quote, “Cultivate the garden within”. Click here or on the image to open the large version.

Today I have a new letter set e-cut for you!  The letters are blue, all caps, with a thatch pattern in a nice blocky serif font.  They are on two pages:  Page 1 is A-T and Page 2 is U-Z, numbers and punctuation.

I love Grandma

Here are some cute title blocks for pages about those special grandparents. There’s a version that says “I love Grandma” and one that says “I love Grandpa“. Hope you find them to be useful!

life is a canvas

Have you seen “The Court Jester”? It’s an oldie but a goodie! It’s one of my favorite movies, and Danny Kaye is a comic genius. This quote definitely sounds like something he would say:

“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it.” ~ Danny Kaye

It’s available in yellow or purple.

Today’s e-cut includes two frames/journaling blocks for baby, one with bears and one with ducks, in two different color options: yellow and blue.

mother quote

“My mom is a neverending song in my heart of comfort, happiness and being. I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune.” ~Graycie Harmon

Isn’t that a  beautiful quote?  I hope you find it to be useful in your cards and pages.  You can print it in either black or red.

As always, I would appreciate any feedback you have.  Let me know if things are too small, not in the color you were looking for, or if you’re looking for a specific quote or bible verse.  I’ll be glad to make it for you and then I can share it with everyone!  Thanks to Bev and Deanne for their recent comments.

This poem would work well for a Mother’s Day card or craft, or on a scrapbooking page about our wonderful mothers.  God blessed me with the most wonderful mother that ever was, and I am truly grateful. Click on the image to view and print the complete poem.

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